Spring Into Action in 3 Simple Steps

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Spring is here and that means we’re embarking on the best time to start getting outside and enjoy more of what the beautiful outdoors has to offer. From weekend hikes, to community running events, don’t underestimate the power of a quick ‘at-home workout’ to compliment leg, ankle, and core strengthening before you hit the trails. With no need for any equipment, all this Mandy Gill APP workout calls for is 20 minutes on the clock.


Only 10 reps! Begin standing with your legs shoulder-width apart. Place your hands on the floor and kick your legs, back so you end up with your stomach and thighs on the floor. Your elbows should be bent. From this position, press up like you’re doing a push-up and push your hips up. Jump your feet under your hips and stand. Finish the movement by jumping in the air and bringing your hands over your head. Repeat. Want to blast fat and tone up quickly? This is the movement to get you there!

Donkey kicks

While still on all fours, keep your right knee bent at a 90 degree angle and flex the foot as you pull your knee towards your right elbow. Then extend your right leg to a straight position, and repeat for a total of 50 reps on the right side. Once you’ve completed that, switch to the left leg for 50 reps.

Leg lifts

This move and the next primarily target the glutes, hip flexors, and abs. Position yourself on all fours on a mat, with your hands underneath your shoulders, and your knees under your hips. Lift the right leg up towards the ceiling while keeping your leg as straight as possible, and your glutes squeezed. With control, bring down your leg to tap your right toe to the ground and then return it back up towards the ceiling to complete a total of 25 reps. Then complete 25 reps on the left side.