Here at Dominion Lending Centre’s Parato Mortgage Group we are more than just Mortgage Agents, we are Mortgage Specialists. We don’t represent just one bank and one opinion – the only person we represent is YOU.

Being homeowners, fathers, mothers, wives and husbands we understand the importance of making the process of obtaining a mortgage as easy and comfortable for you as possible.

Our mortgage agents are more than capable of helping you to obtain a mortgage for your first home, second home or rental property. We also are able to assist you with renewing or refinancing your existing property. 

Dominion Lending Centres is Canada’s number one national mortgage and leasing company! With Access to more than 230 lenders, this includes the big banks, major credit unions, trust companies as well as private lenders – with all this at our finger tips we are sure to find the best option out there for you!

For more information on any of the services we have to offer please click on Mortgages in the top navigation bar.

We look forward to assisting you with all of your mortgage needs.

The Parato Mortgage Group Team!

John and his team are very professional, thorough, and always available which makes this process smoother and easier. We highly recommend John Parato Associates to anyone seeking a reliable mortgage broker.

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